How it works

Maximum Bets for the first 6 hands

Each heat the players will be given 3000 in chips. (25 in red 5 chips (x5), 175 in green 25 chips (x7), 800 in black 100 chips (x8) and 2000 in purple 500 chips (x4)

There will be 11 hands played in each heat. The winner will be the person with the most chips after the 11 hands are complete and the runner up the player with the second highest amount. The winner will progress directly to the final and the runner up will be given a second chance in the semifinal.

The Format

For the first 10 hands there will be a button which will be moved around the players on the table before the start of each new hand dealt. The player on the button will decide first how many chips they wish to wager on the hand about to be dealt. Once confirmed and the bet is placed it cannot be changed.

The next player along to the left of the button will then make their bets and so on until all the players have placed their bets. There will be a maximum limit of 500 chips that any player can wager on the first 6 hands. From the 7th hand until the 11th hand the bets will then be unlimited.

The cards will always be dealt out starting with the player in box 1 or if that box is empty the first box that is in play.

Once all the cards have been dealt out the player on the button will be first to make their decision on how they play their hand, the action will then move round the table clockwise until all the players have had their go and then the dealer will play their hand out.

Why a Button?

That’s a good question! The reason that the button will be moved around the table is so that all the players have the same advantage and disadvantage of placing their bets and acting when it is their turn as it’s a competition. There is a strategy that a player can chose and adapt throughout the 11 hands which brings the element of skill & tournament strategy into the game.

It would not be fair to all the players if the betting and playing in turn went in order every hand starting from the first position, as the other players would see all the bets their opponents were making and results from the way they played their hands. This format & structure levels the playing field for everyone.

The last hand betting format

Before the last hand the croupier will count up each of the players stacks and confirm to the players still in the competition as well as writing everyone’s total in the chat box for all to see and work out

what their strategy will be for the final hand. The croupier will give the players 60/90 seconds to work out their strategy & decide what they wish to wager on the last hand and ask them to write it down (in a private message to me and on a bit of paper but not show it to the camera or announce until asked to!

Once everyone has done this each payer will then show their paper to the camera for everyone to see and the croupier will confirm and place the bets. (*If the amount on the paper is different to the amount you confirm in the chat box, we will take the written number in the chat box as your agreed last wager).

The final hand will be dealt and played out and at the end of the 11th hand the croupier will count the chips from each of the players left in and announce and write down for all to hear/see. * If there is a tie for 1st or 2nd we will play sudden death with the same format as the 11th hand in regards to the amount of chips placed for the hand.

*If a player gets disconnected, they will have a 1 min time bank which will be started giving them time to log back in. If after 1 minute they are still not connected or been able to contact the administrator who will be on the zoom call they will have their bets placed and hand played by the dealer. The dealer will always bet the minimum amount for them and will play their hand by the book. (Optimal game theory) *

The winner will come back at the agreed time to play the final and the runners up (2nd place) will have a second chance in the semifinal after all 6 heats are played out (just before the final). *In the event that a heat ends before the 11 hands are finished due to all players being eliminated then the player who had the most chips before the hand started to eliminate everyone will be the winner, the same will go for finding our runner up.

The Semi final:     

6 players, each a runner up in their heat will play this fast and furious second chance saloon heat to get a place in the final. There will be 7 hands played and like in the heats the last hand will be a sealed bet.

The Final

A random draw will take place to decide which box at the table each finalist will be playing.            11 hands will be played and each player will start with 2000 chips.

Chips won in a previous heat are irrelevant!  if you won your heat with 25 chips or 50,000 chips you/each player will start the semifinal & final with the same starting stack as they did in their heat.

Blackjack….. a variation of Pontoon and by far one of the most popular games, an ideal game for all. From a complete beginner to the more experienced player.

How to play & the basic rules of BlackJack

The essence of Blackjack is to get as close to 21 (against the dealer) without going over (bust). Each player plays individually against the dealer and the rules are that a player can stick (take no more cards, or twist (take another card) at any time they like while it is their turn. The dealer plays last and must continue to twist on 16 and has to stop once they reach 17 or higher. REMEMBER if you go over 21, you are bust and lose!

The dealer will ask each player how much they would like to bet on each hand before it begins and when everyone has placed their bets, they will run their finger along the table to ensure that all bets have been placed. And begin to deal. This is when the fun begins!

The dealer will deal two cards face up to each player & one face up to themselves. (in clockwise order and 1 at a time. Each player will then be asked in turn if they would like any more cards to get their cards to add up as close to 21 as possible without going over.                       

Once all players have had their go, the dealer will then deal himself a second card, then if needed a third, fourth, fifth etc.…until they either make a hand adding up to 17-21 or go bust (22 or over).

If your cards add up to more than the dealer’s cards, then you win (even money). If yours add up to less than the dealer’s cards you lose your bet. If you both have the same number then it’s called a “push” you don’t win but you don’t lose, your bet is returned to you.

ITS AS EASY AS THAT.                                                                                                                                                                          

 All the numbered cards are worth what they say on them. The picture cards, (Jack, queen & king) all have the value of 10. an Ace however is worth 1 or 11.                                          

The best hand  you can be dealt is an Ace with either a Ten or a face card. This is called Black Jack” and usually pays 6/4 but in the FUN CASINO we pay out 2-1 on your bet.       

Other things to know             

SPLITTING: If you are dealt any pair (33, JJ) then when it is your go you have the option to split your hand into two hands. To do this you would need to match the amount you have already placed in your box for the hand and the dealer will create 2 hands for you and then deal you a second card on each of the cards you split. You do NOT have to do this and is a personal choice. Many players will decide how to play a pair depending on what the dealers card is. There is 1 exception to the rules and that is if you are dealt a pair of aces (AA). You are still able to split the aces but you will only get 1 more card on each ace and will have no further options*. (*1 exception to this is if you are dealt another Ace, then you are able to split them again as long as you have enough money in front of you). When you split Aces if you are dealt a Ten, Jack, Queen or a King on any of the Aces you will have 21 NOT blackjack.

DoubleDown: If you want, when it is your turn you have the option to double down! This means that you can match the bet already placed in the box and ‘buy’ another card. If you decide to do this you are only given 1 card. There will be no option, no matter what card is dealt to be able to ask for more cards. If you don’t have enough money and you would be all in then you would be allowed to double for less, if you win the hand you will only be paid out on the amount in the box. Different people have different theory’s on when to double down and this can depend a lot on what card the dealer has showing.

The dealer will give you the option to take even money there and then. This is your choice. If you chose to take even money you will get paid and your hand will be cleared away, if you decide not to take even money you CANNOT lose! But If the dealer also makes a blackjack you will push! (not win and not lose). If the dealer doesn’t get blackjack then you will get paid out at the end of the hand 2 to 1.   

INSURANCE: – There is NO insurance. This is something that used to be part of the game but it is an advantage to the house so we have removed it.                                                                                                

5 CARD TRICKS: These also do not come into play in blackjack. You can take as many cards as you wish until you either decide to stop or go bust. To win the hand you just have to have a higher number than the dealer without going over 21.                                                                    

SURRENDER (BURN): This doesn’t exist in blackjack. In some other variations of the game, it does and it’s when you as a player have the option to forfeit your hand before you take any cards. You lose half your bet and the other half is returned to you.


**OGT*** the dealer will try to make a qualifying hand for the player if the dealer is showing a 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K or A. If the dealer is showing a 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 they will only take a card for the player disconnected up to the value of 12. They will not take a card if there is a chance the player could go bust while the dealer shows a 2,3,4,5,6.


Event 1Event 2
WinnerTrophy + free BCOZ session for their own useTrophy + free BCOZ session for their own use + Champagne
2ndTrophy + 50% off BZOC personal eventTrophy + 50% off BZOC personal event
3rd50% off BZOC personal event50% off BZOC personal event
4th33% off BZOC personal event33% off BZOC personal event
5th25% off BZOC personal event25% off BZOC personal event
6th25% off BZOC personal event25% off BZOC personal event
7th25% off BZOC personal event25% off BZOC personal event
* BCOZ=Blackjack competitions on Zoom

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Players will receive by email and/or what’s app a zoom link for the event once payment has been received. Please can you try to turn up on time or a few min early if you have any questions that you would like our host to answer for you.

Please be mindful of others when in your game and if there is a lot of background noise to mute and unmute when its your turn.

For help or to have a question answered please call Jimi or Paul who will be more than happy to help you. Paul 07973 791276 Jimi 07903 302386

Once you have submitted your booking form, payment details will follow.